Mini QuickSnack Fast Food Erasers 12Pcs/48Pcs/Pack

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S$4.80 - S$19.20

Introducing "Mini QuickSnack Fast Food Erasers" – a playful assortment of 12 or 48 mini erasers in each pack, shaped like your favorite fast-food delights! These adorable erasers add a touch of fun to your stationery collection. From burgers to fries, hot dogs to pizza, erase mistakes with a side of smiles. Compact, colorful, and irresistibly cute, Mini QuickSnack Fast Food Erasers make correcting errors a tasty and enjoyable experience for kids and adults alike. Bring a mini fast-food feast to your desk or classroom with this delightful eraser pack!

Selling in bulks of 12Pcs/48Pcs/Pack. There are 4 different Mini QuickSnack Fast Food Erasers

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