Magnetic Reversi Board Game

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Size of the Board Game when open is 30cmX2cmX30cm.

Similar to the goals of Go, players in Reversi attempt to have the largest number of chips on the board by the end of the game. In order to do this, players take their opponent's chips and avoid having their own chips captured. To begin a game, the players should decide who will play which color, with the black chip player making the first move. The opening set up involves each player placing two of their chips in the middle of the game board. After these four chips have been placed, players are allowed to place subsequent chips on any of the squares that permit a capture.

Capturing is vital to Reversi's gameplay as you can only place tokens in positions on the board that will create a capture. Placing chips adjacent to your opponent's chips turns those chips into your territory, though no chips can be moved or adjusted once they've been placed onto the board; once you've captured a chip or multiple chips, you're allowed to flip those pieces over to reflect their new ownership. Capturing can occur through horizontal, vertical, and diagonal placements on the board. Once there's no more room on the board for any placements, the game is complete. Players should tally up their tokens to see who ended up with the greatest number, and is thus the winner of the round.

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