Traditional Donkey Card Old School Game

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Donkey is a speedy card game that is fun for kids of all ages. Sneaky moves and fast pace fun always leads to giggles as the players try not to be labeled DONKEY.
The object of the Game
To match 4 of a kind and not be the player left without an object.

Playing Donkey
The dealer deals out the deck one card at a time face down to each player.

Each player will end up with 4 cards. Players look at their cards and determine which card they want to play. Players slide the unwanted cards one at a time to the player to their left. As they receive a card from the player on their right they look at it quickly and decide whether to keep it or pass it along.

Play continues until a player has 4 cards of the same rank. When a player gets 4 cards of equal rank they discretely place them face down on the table and pick up one of the objects from the middle of the table. This is when the scramble begins.

The rest of the players upon noticing grab an object from the table. The player who does not end up with an object loses the round and receives a D on their scorecard.

The player who loses the round shuffles the cards and deals them out to the players one at a time face down and the next round begins.

Play continues until one player receives all the letters D-O-N-K-E-Y. The first player to complete the word is the game loser and brays, "eee-aww" three times.

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