Traditional Chapteh

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Traditonal Chapteh Game. Great Game to re-live the good old days trying not to let the chapter drop just by using our legs. Great excersie, great bonding time.

Capteh is a traditional Games that requires great dexterity and balance in keeping a feathered shuttlecock in the air for as long as possible by kicking it up with the heel of the foot. A popular Games among children in Singapore, it is also well-known internationally. The Games, which can be played individually or in a team, involves keeping the capteh in the air for as long as possible by kicking it up using the heel of the foot until it is missed or dropped. Though familiar to Singaporeans as a Games of leisure, it has also been played as a competitive Games. When played individually, each player is judged on the number of kicks he makes. The competing players agree on a winning tally of kicks, and the winner is the first player to reach that tally or attains the highest score.

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