12” Latex Smiley Face Multi Color Balloon

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12″ mixed color smiley face Balloons great for kids birthday parties for decoration or for kids to play, you have an option to choose if you want the Balloons to be filled with Helium or not at different prices, Uninflated Balloons will come in a flat condition as for Helium Balloons will come with a Balloons string

Balloons are a must-have for birthday parties, Balloons help contribute to the overall atmosphere of fun. Furthermore, Balloons make for excellent decorations and Party Favors for your guests to take home with them! Select about 2 to 3 different colors so you can mix and match with the theme of your parties *please take note that our helium Balloons can last for about 6 to 8 hours the cooler the room is the longer it will last, the warmer it is the shorter it will last* we recommend that you collect or plan the delivery on the actual day of the event that you want the Balloons for to maintain its best quality


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